Are You Struggling With Fertility Issues?

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Dealing with fertility problems can be incredibly stressful and painful, and this will often put a lot of strain on a relationship. When you need infertility therapy, turn to Restore Balance Therapy. Our infertility therapists have experience helping individuals cope with the grief, anxiety, and stress associated with fertility issues.

Infertility is a complex and challenging journey that can deeply impact individuals and couples on emotional, psychological, and relational levels. This counseling resource aims to provide support and guidance for individuals and couples facing infertility, addressing the multifaceted aspects of their experience.

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We'll help you and your partner find a path forward

Our counselors are dedicated to helping you and your partner navigate infertility. When you turn to us for infertility therapy, we'll:

  • Pair you with the counselor who can help you best
  • Find out how fertility challenges have affected you
  • Help you foster communication and better understanding
  • Help you develop coping strategies
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Understanding the Emotional Landscape:

  • Nurturing Self-Compassion
  • Communicating with Partners
  • Managing Expectations and Coping with Uncertainty
  • Navigating Support Systems
  • Cultivating Hope and Resilience