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Depression and Anxiety Therapy

At Restore Balance, our clinicians all have backgrounds in inpatient and partial hospitalization levels of care. As providers who are seasoned in assessing and managing risk, it is our goal to stop cycles of institutionalization and empower our clients to take control of their lives. Clients can expect their therapist to work with them in managing intrusive thoughts, improving self-care, building resilience to stressors, and re-organizing priorities in life to reflect client values. To learn more about the modalities we use click below.


Trauma Therapy

Our clinicians believe trauma is a universal phenomenon that affects all human beings. We define trauma as a distressing event relative to a person's experience that disrupts the nervous system causing a fight, flight, or freeze response. We believe all traumas are "big traumas" and validate all emotions.

In trauma therapy, you can expect your therapist to aid you in learning to self-regulate overwhelming feelings and reconnect to numbed emotions. Your therapist will also utilize elements of exposure therapy to decrease your reactivity to triggering stimuli and increase your "window of tolerance" to previously emotion-evoking material. Clients will also be encouraged to find meaning and purpose in their healing journey. To learn more about trauma treatment, and the types of therapy we practice learn more.

Gender-Affirming Letters

At Restore Balance, we recognize that the requirement to obtain letters makes medically necessary and life-saving interventions inaccessible and costly. Because of these beliefs, we strive to create a space where letters are easily acquired and low-cost. Our clinician, Carrie is committed to providing free or low-cost letters for HRT and gender-affirming surgery. Carrie has signed the Gender Affirming Letter Access Project (https://thegalap.org/) provider pledge.

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