Comprehensive ADHD Evaluation


This option is ideal for someone who is seeking to understand how ADHD may be impacting their emotional functioning, relationships, work performance, and academic performance.

Individuals who require academic accommodations, high-stakes testing, or work accommodations, as well as patients seeking confirmatory diagnosis for medication management, fall under this category.

ADHD Computerized Screener Only


A less in-depth option is for those whose prescriber has requested an ADHD screening. As well as those who are wanting to get more information and understanding of their neurotype.

Please note that this option is rarely accepted as a means to obtain accommodations. That would usually require a comprehensive evaluation.

Evaluation Process

Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation:

Phase 1

Send an email to to gain more information and schedule an evaluation. Or you can self-schedule by clicking the "Schedule Now" button below.

Phase 2

Once the appointment has been scheduled or confirmed you will be sent intake paperwork via our client portal. This must be completed before your scheduled 90-minute diagnostic interview.

Phase 3

A 90-minute Diagnostic Clinical Interview will be conducted via telehealth or in person.

At this time the card on file will be charged for the evaluation.

Phase 4

Standardized behavior rating scales and additional screening tools specific to you, will be administered.

You will be set up with QBcheck - this is a continuous performance computer test for objective ADHD data.

Phase 5

30-minute results appointment to go over the evaluation outcomes and recommendations.

Please note a written diagnostic report and QBcheck results take 1-2 weeks after all evaluations have been completed.

Computer Screening Only:

Phase 1

Send an email to to gain more information and schedule testing. Or you can self-schedule by clicking the "Schedule Now" button below.

Phase 2

Once scheduled the card on file will be charged $295.

Intake paperwork will be sent to you via our client portal and must be completed before the QBcheck test can be administered.

Phase 3

Complete the QBcheck computer screener in our office.

Phase 4

A 30-minute telehealth or in-person appointment to go over QBcheck results. You will be sent a summary report via email, after the appointment.



  • A deposit is required to book a comprehensive evaluation. This is a non-refundable deposit.
  • If appointments are not canceled 24 hours in advance then the evaluation will be billed at the hourly rate of $170/hour.
  • Complex evaluations may require more time, which will be billed at the hourly rate of $170/hour.
  • Arriving late to an evaluation may result in additional time needed and additional charges.


  • Most insurance companies will not cover ADHD or psychological evaluations. We are self-pay only because of this. However, we can provide you with a super bill. You can submit this to your insurance and may have some costs of testing covered. You will need to check your out-of-network benefits.

ADHD Diagnosis

  • The comprehensive evaluation is sufficient to request accommodations from work or school. However, a diagnosis does not guarantee that your school, employer, or other institution will be willing to accept or implement the recommended accommodations from your report. A diagnosis diagnosis does not mean that the institution will consider a person disabled under the law.

Our Approach

We have chosen assessments that are neurodivergent affirming. They go beyond traditional testing and assess for symptoms that might not be caught on a self-report, or symptoms that present more hidden.

We are passionate about providing neurodivergent affirming evaluations. This means that we do not pathologize and we do not see symptoms as deficits. We evaluate for strengths, finding that to be an imperative part of the written report. Our evaluators are neurodivergent and understand what it is like to go through the evaluation process. We want to make it as comfortable and affirming as possible.

Medication Management

Some prescribers may find that the computer screening is sufficient for medication management. Others may require a comprehensive evaluation. It is important to check with your prescriber to see what they require to medically treat your ADHD.